Friday, November 22, 2013

We've moved to a new website

The Florida Earthskills gathering has moved to a new and far better site.  For information on the 2014 gathering (and all gatherings thereafter), please visit

Friday, December 21, 2012

Florida Earthskills Gathering

Thanks to all who were part of such an amazing event the last two years...between all the great know who you are! To all the wonderful wwoofers past n present helpin out, to the volunteers, to all the great teachers and students on the greenpath;and to the children that re-enlivened us all!  Looking forward to Feb 2013!

I am trying not to procrastinate too much so I will periodically update this blog.  This is the 2012 lineup from last year and I will update this as we fill in the instructors for 2013:  I am excited to announce a few instructors.  Seven song whom is one of the nations top herbalist/ecologist/botanist extradonaire will be returning for this event.  Myself (Mycol), Susan Marynowski, Mimi, Marc Williams, WIlly the Losen, Nancy Gildersleeve, RObert and Mysteri are some that are definite returns.

One intense workshop the last two years has been how to ethically kill and process a chicken.  I have decided we will do this to my male baby goat this year. 

Mycol Stevens (facilitator), Susan Marynowski (crocheting/knitting/contra calling), Green Deane (Florida ethnobotany), Ken Krauss (mycology and entheology), Doug Elliott (story telling and basketry), Willy Losen (log working/thatching),Mel Norris (cast net throwing and rocket stove construction) Jimmy/Miranda (tanning), Jeff Gottleib (net making,cordage and mocassins), Nancy Gildersleeve (palm weaving, brooms and pine needle baskets), Robert Wilson (gunsmithing & trapper trades),  Mysteri Barnhill (rug braiding & canning ), Andy Hemmings (atlatl flintknapping), Marc Williams (fermentation and ethnobotanist extrodinaire), Emily Ruff (herbal director Orlandos Holistic Living School), Baron Brown (hammock-making & wood bowl-carving), Kate and Gus (herbalism for kids), Lena (cordage and leather pouches), Liat (miso making, fermentation, & cobb construction), José (tempeh making & palm thatching),  Keith Grenoble (FL clay pottery making), Luke Learning Deer (Rennasiance man...his choice teaching!), Fuz Sanderson (didgeridoo making with lessons and drum facilitation and fire tools),Grant (archery and Qijong), Emily Faulkner (natural water filtration), Jonathen and Donny (flint knapping), Kaleb Wallace (native nutrition), Reid Tillary (wilderness navigation), Swampman (trekking and trapping), Barefoot Tony and Maureen (shitake log inoculation and grafting), Billy Willow (rustic furniture making), Karen Sherwood (vegetable fermentation), John Patterson (spring pole lathe demonstration) Ariel Grodner (Thai massage),  Claude Van Order (flint knapping & primitive tools), John Ahlers (flintknap demonstration), Karen Newman (palm weaving & cracker origami), and Natalie Bogwalker (buckskin sewing).

We will also be continuing cobb natural building on the multifunctional greenhouse and community kitchen be prepared to learn how to fling clay,sand and hay!

A trade circle will be set up...along with freecycle. The trade circle is an amazing opportunity to trade things you have made by your own hands (e.g..don't bring cigarrettes or candy bars to trade, but a pair of worked mocassins to trade for a pine needle basket).

See our Philosophy page for details about selling your wares at the AnceSTORE.

Parking will be tight so please ride share if you can. We will have people guide you upon your arrival.

Please note that Finca Mycol is a private- ecocentric-permaculture-off-the-grid-20-acre homestead that along with permaculture happenings works on ecological restoration efforts. We have just planted close to 1,000 baby long leaf pine seedlings so look out for them. Please be kind to the land and pack in and pack out your belongings (and no cig butts!)

The Finca has very minimal electric solar, live well water and humanure compost.

Along with your camping gear, bring a headlamp and decent shoes. Note this is also the dead of winter and it is likely to have temperatures sometimes as low as the 20's if multiple cold fronts make their way bring warm clothes! may be super nice too so you should also have some shorts.

Sorry no four leggeds (e.g. dogs) (goats are ok if you got'm).

Fires will be limited to specific areas. If you have extra wood from around locally (don't bring wood in from afar to potential of spreading disease), then bring it on.  If you have some nice rocks for construction or a sweat lodge, bring em down.

Instructors and volunteers will get fed. We plan on asking for a  $50 donation to help with food costs for participants but if you bring this amount of grub, you are in to be fed the four days.
If you bring children, then you will be asked to help with the childrens' activities.

Requested donation is sliding scale $100-200(camping included) for entire weekend or $30-$40 daily (or barter equivalent of needed items). 

Work Trade positions are not yet filled so if you want to volunteer, let Wren know sooner than later! (

 One change this year will be a mandated  work trade registration fee of $25 and a deposit of $75, the later being refundable if work is satisfactorily completed. (Please note that we have not yet paid a cent to Willy's tent investment of $3,000 and that almost half of the attendees last year were work traders).

Attendees, please register by giving your word and at the gate sign in.

Come and set up camp on Tuesday or Wednesday if you are a participant. Thursday morning Mycol will give an indocrination walk of the Finca explaining what is going on here at your temporary home. We will circle up Thursday around high noon to start general classes off.   Work Traders and Instructors are welcome to camp one week before and after the event.

A wish list has been added: tables, bulk food items, rocks, tarps.

Let me know if you have any nursing or doctor extra first aide kit would be good to bring.

Please leave negative energy behind and be in positive learning state where we can all grow together. No heavy alcohol drinking unless you make your own meads or beer to share!

Also note we may migrate further south post.  Any feedback would be welcome.  Visit and join our facebook page at

Sunday, January 15, 2012

tightening up the schedule

Just wanted to bring your attention to the new page on the right of the home page that has the schedule of events. Note evening events (acoustic music night, drum circle night, trade circle, story telling night, contra dance/mead circles etc)...check it out and give any constructive feedback before it all happens. peace mycol

Monday, January 9, 2012

have confirmed Green Deane, Ken Krauss, and Luke Learning deer! DOesn't get any better! oh and maybe Ariela will show us some Thai massage too! oh and Jose is going to teach tempeh along with LIat doing miso and will also help guide on Sky's pole dome to be roofed with palm thatch! viva la revolucion! We are still seeking the best contra band as Jubals Kin had a conflict although Susan Marynowski will call if she can't get a hipster caller from Tampa and Karen who played last year should be in with a collective.

If anyone from S. Fl has citrus or other tropical fruit hookups bringm for meal barter. Note vols and instructors get fed regardless potluck style. If you have rocks for fire pits or sweat lodge or foundation base...also good barter material!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just an FYI, Natarja, Frank Renee and Robin, Bryan and Raymond I will add you all to the attendees list ...much thanks!
Abby ....wwoofer Abby? if so, hell yeah...there will be the WWOOFer Rager camp of course. Nice AManita. CHeck out the spread sheet and let me know when would be best for you and I will add you:)