Sunday, January 15, 2012

tightening up the schedule

Just wanted to bring your attention to the new page on the right of the home page that has the schedule of events. Note evening events (acoustic music night, drum circle night, trade circle, story telling night, contra dance/mead circles etc)...check it out and give any constructive feedback before it all happens. peace mycol

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  1. hello my name is Deborah,

    i'm very excited about this event & hope to get a volunteer position to help pay my way in. i'm a good cook, but not a vegetable chopper due to a disability. i'm a storyteller & a retired RN, and, i wouldn't mind assisting instructors if needed.

    will you be teaching how to make hornos (ovens made of clay) or sol cookers (sun cookers)? i would love both of these on the property where i live.

    thanks very much, deborah