Sunday, January 15, 2012

tightening up the schedule

Just wanted to bring your attention to the new page on the right of the home page that has the schedule of events. Note evening events (acoustic music night, drum circle night, trade circle, story telling night, contra dance/mead circles etc)...check it out and give any constructive feedback before it all happens. peace mycol

Monday, January 9, 2012

have confirmed Green Deane, Ken Krauss, and Luke Learning deer! DOesn't get any better! oh and maybe Ariela will show us some Thai massage too! oh and Jose is going to teach tempeh along with LIat doing miso and will also help guide on Sky's pole dome to be roofed with palm thatch! viva la revolucion! We are still seeking the best contra band as Jubals Kin had a conflict although Susan Marynowski will call if she can't get a hipster caller from Tampa and Karen who played last year should be in with a collective.

If anyone from S. Fl has citrus or other tropical fruit hookups bringm for meal barter. Note vols and instructors get fed regardless potluck style. If you have rocks for fire pits or sweat lodge or foundation base...also good barter material!